Research shows the benefits of exercise for people with movement disorders. Exercise can positively impact the mobility, strength, balance, walking speed and health-related quality of life of people with Parkinson disease.   


    Who We Are:

    We are passionate about exercise to combat Parkinson disease. MDT Education Solutions was founded in 2014 by a leading researcher and two physical therapists to help as many people as possible access exercise as an important tool for managing disease progression. Click here to learn more about the founders. 

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    What We Teach:

    We offer accredited continuing education courses. Our training does not endorse a protocol or one specific type of exercise. Instead, we provide health and fitness professionals with the tools to adapt many different types of exercises to meet the specific needs of people with Parkinson disease. Click here to learn more about the courses we offer. 

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    Who We Train:

    MDT Education Solutions equips health and fitness professionals, care partners, caregivers and people with Parkinson disease with the knowledge and resources to form and participate in community-based exercise programs. Click here to find an MDT trained provider in your area. 

    I thought the information provided was outstanding and very practical. The instructors make a great team! I appreciate your hard work and dedication in putting this together.
    — Course participant
    You made the training fun, interactive and personal. You shared your experiences in a way I could understand. You each have a supportive nature and made me feel I could approach you and ask questions.
    — Course participant

    Watch the video to learn more about MDT Education Solutions!


    Upcoming Events

    NEW! Advanced training course for instructors who have completed the "Community Exercise for People with Parkinson Disease" course. Coming Spring 2018 to Atlanta.